Photo Book of the Week – Gingerbread Monument

Klara Källström – Gingerbread Monument
First Edition, 2008
Edited by Thobias Fäldt, Design by 1:2:3 and Marika Vaccino Andersson
Poems by Viktor Johansson, Translated by Johannes Göransson
ISBN: 978-91-633-3021-6

I acquired this book in October, 2008 from Klara herself. I wrote to her to ask if I could purchase the book, and coincidentally she was in New York on a trip with her school. So I got to meet her, have the book signed, and got to take it home immediately.

Since then, it has been a book I constantly return to over the past year. I really enjoy the original design and feel to the book, and of course the images themselves. Printed with an extremely high-gloss ink and using various paper stocks throughout, it has definitely been an inspiration for me.

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