Photo Book of the Week – Cavalos & Bangalos

Anna Kleberg – Cavalos & Bangalos
Published by Libraryman, 2009, Ed. of 500
ISBN: 978-91-86269-01-2

I got this book about a year ago when Tony Cederteg came to NYC to have a book launch for Libraryman. I specifically remember listening to him speak about this book in particular and its layout, design, sequencing, etc. This book is in a way 14 images on 7 sheets of paper, but each image is folded in half for the middle of the book. So each image, besides the centerfold, is merged with another image; horse’s heads are coming out of bungalows. I also learned that this book is only bound with 1 staple in the center of the crease, instead of the normal 2 staples, so you can more easily remove the staple if you wanted to view all the images in a “straight” manner.

See more here:

-Grant Willing

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