Snøhetta – Karmøy Fishing Museum

Karmøy Fishing Museum, Karmøy, Norway
Designed by Snøhetta, 1996

“Situated on the rocky Norwegian west coast, the new fishing museum is to represent the long standing sea and fishing culture of the area. Sponsored by a private foundation, this museum is connected directly to the people of the area, it is a personal and relevant institution. The site itself is relatively free of other structures and overlooks a small saltwater inlet and a small collection of traditional coastal structures. Rather than recreating a traditional home solely for the purpose of display, the new museum becomes a more neutral, sculptural form delicately placed into the landscape. While it is somewhat dominant, portraying its importance as an institution, it’s scale and related landscape features keep the building from overpowering its surroundings. A technique of woven wooden screens, the screens are woven using a native coastal bush called Einer. This technique is a local craft and helps to further integrate the contemporary form with its surroundings. The interior is flexible and open, allowing the contents to be rearranged easily over time. The entrance is on the land side of a long rectangle, with the far end developed into a large viewing window overlooking the sea. The final expression of the design is reminiscent of the simple structures developed locally by the fishing industry, yet articulated in a contemporary and unique manner.”

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