Photo Book of the Week – Blumen

Collier Schorr – Blumen
Published by SteidlMACK, 2009
ISBN: 978-3-86521-687-8

I just got this book last week, but have been anxiously waiting to get it for quite a long time. It is the second book in her Forests & Fields series (the first book being Neighbors). The quality of production is really amazing, something to always expect from Steidl. One thing I also noticed is that even though there are over 100 pages/over 50 images, the pacing of the book really makes this something to linger over; but doesn’t feel stagnant at all. It is a really interesting comparison- following Neighbors up with Blumen, the two feel quite different at first but have that same sentiment that all of Schorr’s work has.

-Grant Willing

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2 Responses to Photo Book of the Week – Blumen

  1. Jan Kölling says:

    realy outstanding and intruïging beauty

  2. Jonathan says:

    I love this book.

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