In Twin Peaks

This is one of my very favorite Twin Peaks related websites and resources. Its every fan’s dream to go visit Snoqualmie Falls or the Double R Diner… but this site takes it so much further. Its incredibly thorough and a good way to spend some time. In Charles’ own words:

“I’ve been captivated by the world of Twin Peaks since it first aired in April, 1990. In the years since the series aired, I’ve become increasingly fascinated by the filming locations used in the show. Researching, discovering, investigating and analyzing the sites from both the series and Fire Walk With Me has become, for me, a rewarding and enduring passion; one which has allowed the story of Twin Peaks to continue to unfold and blossom in my mind, even though the show ended some 20 years ago! One of the most compelling things about seeing the locations in person is to discover how some of them have changed over the years. What’s the same? What did they alter for the shoot? What was it about this spot that seemed right for the show? (Or wrong, as is sometimes the case.) But what really thrills me and keeps me going back for more are the rare, precious moments when I’m standing there at a location and I’m deeply hit by the Twin Peaks atmosphere –that undeniable moody allure of, say, the mist rolling over the mountains, a traffic light rocking in the breeze or the sound, sights and scents of Douglas Firs rustling in the wind. Since 2002, I’ve traveled to Washington State and Southern California to photograph as many of the filming sites as I’ve been able to find. In addition to my own exhaustive research and sleuthing, many friends and acquaintances have helped me greatly in my continuing quest to find and photograph all the locations you see on this site –and more to come!
Thanks to them I’m able to share all this with you.”

Check it out here

Laura's Log

Cooper's Prospective Properties

Owl Cave

Log Lady's Cabin

Glastonberry Grove

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