Photo Book of the Week – Icons & Allegories

Icons & Allegories – Curated by Mark McKnight
Featuring the work of:
Ajit Chauhan
Whitney Hubbs
Peter Hurley
Ron Jude
Nancy Lupo
Paul Schiek
Simmons & Burke
Calvin Trezise

Published by Bread & Butter Books, 2010
Released on the occasion of the exhibition “Icons & Allegories” at Sight School, Oakland, CA
Edition of 500

I just got this catalog for the exhibition currently being shown at Sight School in Oakland. It is curated by Mark McKnight and features a lot of really great work (including two past Solo-Show artists, Ron Jude and Whitney Hubbs). Taken from the press release, this exhibition “includes work in which the artists have assumed roles as motley as mythmaker and iconoclast and who, through either their permutation or scrutiny, have fashioned new cultural icons and allegories ripe with clandestine meaning.” I wish I were able to see the physical exhibition, but the catalog provides a very nice sense of the comparisons and context in which the work is being grouped. The work contained is definitely of the moment, but also proposes new ideas about the representation of imagery within this cultural era. Ranging from appropriated imagery featuring familiar pop-culture references to more abstract paintings and works on paper, the work included flows very well together while highlighting each artist’s personal style and metaphorical take on society.

-Grant Willing

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