Photo Book of the Week – Nothing But Home

Sébastien Girard – Nothing But Home
First Edition of 500, 2009
ISBN: 978-2-9534516-0-3

I had seen this book being mentioned on blogs for a while and had really been interested in it. I finally got my copy and can definitely see where the hype is stemming from. It’s a very nicely produced book and the work has a great feel and pacing to it. I think I had read before about the comparisons to Michel Campeau’s work on darkrooms; and while I do see that, I think this work strays in a more personal and somewhat intimate way. All of the images are created around the home, but the way they are photographed does allow for a separation between the emotions of the home and the actual physicality of a home. I like this play of objectively and almost scientifically photographing a place that is inherently connected to personality and privacy.

-Grant Willing

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