Photo Book of the Week – Call & Response

Terence Hannum & Scott Treleaven – Call & Response
Self-Published, edition of 200, 2010

This past Saturday, Scott Treleaven had a screening of some of his videos at Light Industry. In addition to his videos, the drone metal band Locrian (of which Terence Hannum is part of) played along to his final video and continued for a while afterward. Terence and Scott collaborated on this zine as a sort of accompaniment to this event. The collaborative aspect of this zine reminds me of one of Terence’s past zines, Cataract of Fire & Blood, which he collaborated with Elijah Burgher on. Their work goes really well together, drawing on different ideas of the occult and metal and changing how one views their work due to the comparisons being made.

I’ve posted a couple videos from an older performance by Locrian below.

Scott Treleaven:
Terence Hannum:

-Grant Willing

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