Photo Book of the Week – Cabin and Woods

Cristiano Guerri & Coley Brown – Cabin and Woods
Published by 0_100, 2010

I got this book a while back and really like the idea of two photographers books being paired together under a larger theme. In this sense its not so much like a collaboration, but maybe more like a conversation about something they both photograph and experience. Cristiano’s images feel more like exploration of primordial forests in Europe, whereas Coley’s images very clearly depict places that have been settled and modified within a mountainous or rural culture. The two books compliment each other well and the simplicity of the final product is truly nice.

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2 Responses to Photo Book of the Week – Cabin and Woods

  1. Amazing photos! Where can I find this book?

  2. Ana Camelia Baiculescu says:

    Oh, how good it is to melt into Mother Nature’s arms !

    Yes, can I find (a link to) some more pages from this book so full of promises ?


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