Photo Book of the Week – Graupunkt

Frode & Marcus – Graupunkt
Published by Libraryman, 2009. Edition of 500.
ISBN: 978-91-86269-00-5

This book is made up of images from collaborators Frode & Marcus’ trip through the mountains in Norway. Frode & Marcus write: “Grey is its own complement, grey has no opposite. The color grey is often associated with aging or the passage of time. Grey may represent a color, grey may be neutral. A point is a 0-dimensional object.” Its somewhat rare for me that a book can be summed up so well in so few words, but I feel like this statement really gets at the feeling of this work without divulging too much. The overall feeling of the imagery is very grey and drab, and somewhat nostalgic. The photographs bear little personal distinction, but I think the anonymity really works for this body of work. It is personal without being too specific. The production of the book is really thoughtful with the vellum dust jacket that dulls down the cover image into a very flat shade of blue-ish grey.

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