Photo Book of the Week – Before the Wilds

Before the Wilds
Featuring: Peter Sutherland, Estelle Hanania, Ye Rin Mok, Thobias Fäldt, Nicholas Haggard, Ben Pier, and Matty Sidle
Published in conjunction with the exhibition Before the Wilds at Ed. Varie
Published in collaboration by S.C.P, Ed. Varie, and Tinker Street*
Edition of 98, each with 1 of 7 letterpress inserts in editions of 14, 2010

I got this book this past week at the opening of the show. I was really excited for the exhibition and it did not disappoint. The accompanying catalog presents the work from all of the artists nicely- each artist has about 4 images of his or her work shown in a zine format. All of the artists’ work is very different from one another, but the sensibility remains somewhat similar and provides a nice flow between the different works. I also really love the included letterpress print.


Tinker Street*:
Ed. Varie:

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