Photo Book of the Week – Fiat Lux

Ansel Adams – Fiat Lux
Published by the University of California, Irvine; 1990

This is a catalog for an exhibition and series of work UC Irvine commissioned Ansel Adams to make consisting of images of the University. When I saw this work I was really surprised that it was something Ansel Adams did. The images have his usual style of exposure and conservativeness, but there are a handful of images that really blew me away. If some of the images were removed from this context and the auspice of being made by Ansel Adams, they are very similar to a lot of work being made today by more artistically-inclined photographers. However, this book is an Ansel Adams book and contains writing about Yosemite and what kind of equipment he used: a “Weston Ranger IX Exposure Meter (with Ansel Adams’ Zone System Dial), 5×7 Sinar with 4×5 reducing back, 9 1/4″ Goerz Artar, Kodak Plus-X 4×5 filmpacks, and Edwal FG 7 in various dilutions with water (sometimes with 9% sodium sulfite) and in conjunction with the alternative-waterbath process.”


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One Response to Photo Book of the Week – Fiat Lux

  1. paul paper says:

    the first interesting ansel adams book

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